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Writer and Photographer living in Lima Peru. Writing novels (fictio), Blogging and doing articles/photography for

Definitely enjoying being able to pursue my passions in life.
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Colorful homes on a pasaje in Barranco, Peru.

A view to the ocean and La Ermita. Taken in Barranco, Peru last Friday.

I set the alarm for 2 A.M., all set to take some photos of the Red Moon. As luck would have it, clouds moved in and covered the sky over Lima from horizon to horizon. So, here’s some shots of the moon on the days leading up to the event. Naturally, the sky was perfect then.

The day moon over Lima, Peru a couple of days ago. I was hoping for a day when there would be a little less haze in the sky but it didn’t happen.

An assortment of photos of Fall flowers taken in San Borja, Peru.

The latest addition to the statuary in San Borja, Peru. Paso Horse and rider.

More Roses. Taken in San Borja, Peru.

A tree with beautiful scented blooms in San Borja, Peru.