Life of a Writer Photographer

Writer and Photographer living in Lima Peru. Writing novels (fiction), Blogging and doing articles/photography for pleasure and profit.

Definitely enjoying being able to pursue my passions in life.

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Capturing love, I took these of another photographer while he worked in a park here in San Borja, Peru.

Cactus in bloom, they look like little bananas from a distance. From my “Long Walk” series in San Borja, Peru.

Hibiscus, from my “Long Walk” series. Taken in San Borja, Peru.

Decided to play with the blue monochrome setting a little more. The Lima Skyline in blue and color, plus the view to Chorrillos and Moro Solar in blue and color. You learn to love Lima’s ever cloudy winters.

Even the tiniest of blooms brings beauty to the day. From my “Long Walk” series. San Borja, Peru

A pink rose that caught my attention in a park near my apartment. Part of my “Long Walk” series. San Borja, Peru

Slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the day!

Slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the day!

I can’t seem to take enough photos of these roses. They remind me of sunsets and campfires. Taken in Sn Borja, Peru as part of my “Long Walk” series.

Some rainy day flowers in color and B&W. I took these in Barranco, Peru.