Life of a Writer Photographer

Writer and Photographer living in Lima Peru. Writing novels (fiction), Blogging and doing articles/photography for pleasure and profit.

Definitely enjoying being able to pursue my passions in life.

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Some B&W´s from a stroll through San Borja, Peru this past Saturday.

Felices Fiestas Patrias Peru and to all who live in the wonderful country. Rainy day Poinsettias here in San Borja. Tiny tears continue to fall from the sky.

More rainy day flowers. Despite the wet and clouds the lighting on days like this can be incredible.

The same flower three ways. B&W of course and a different light setting on the camera for the other two. A continuation of my rainy day flowers taken in San Borja, Peru.

White roses taken on a rainy day in San Borja, Peru.

I’ll be happy when winter is gone and spring returns.

We’ve had two rainy dreary days in a row here in Lima, Peru. I needed to share a little color to brighten my day.

Birds at the beach in Huanchaco, Peru.

"Caballos del Mar" on the beach and the pier in Huanchaco, Peru.